Philips Screeneo S4



Philips Screeneo S4

Watch, play, listen, browse! Smart and intuitive, the Screeneo S4 is the best compromise. Supported by an immersive Full HD widescreen, an enhanced HDR and up to 1,800 Color Lumens, the Screeneo S4 throws amazing and super-bright images.
Easily navigate thanks to the intuitive AirMote control by pointing or using gestures to pick and choose what you want to watch.
Play your music directly on the projector. Use your Screeneo as a Boombox by connecting your smartphones or any other Bluetooth device to enjoy big sound.

Built-in Media Player for unlimited binge watching
Pop your essentials in your hand with the integrated Media Player: Browse, watch all your videos, listen to your music or share your latest holiday pictures.

Fully Connected for endless possibilities
The Screeneo S Collection comes with all the connectivity you need: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, SPDIF, Connect your game consoles, Blu-ray player, smart boxes or set top boxes to enjoy all your contents.
High Dynamic Range is the new video standard that redefines in-home entertainment through advances in contrast and colour. With HDR 10, enjoy a sensory experience that captures the original richness and liveliness, yet accurately reflects the content creators intent.
Our all-in-one Screeneo S Collection projectors are designed to dissipate heat through the aluminium side grids along with a state-of-the-art ultra-low-noise fan.

Perfect image with bespoke adjustments
Get a perfect picture, automatically and straight out of the box with the Auto Keystone, Auto focus. The Digital Zoom will help you to adjust the image size without moving the projector and because you wont always place your projector directly opposite the wall, we added 4 corner correction to fine-tune your image and get a perfect fit even if your device is up to 45 degrees to your right of left side.

Smart Android OS for apps and more!
Take full advantage of endless entertainment with Android OS. All your favourite apps are pre-installed out of the box. Enjoy Youtube, Netflix and more!

Superior Stereo Speakers
No need for an extra sound bar or home-cinema! The Screeneo S Collection provides endlessly vibrant, clear and powerful sound with deep bass.

Wi-Fi screen mirroring for smart sharing
Connect your mobile devices such as a tablets, smartphones or even computers wirelessly to mirror and share all your contents. Videos on your phones? No worries, just cast it through Wi-Fi! (iOS, Android, Mac and PC)

Project images up to 160″
With the Short Throw technology, project images and videos up to 400 cm (160″) for detailed and clear images.

Standard package includes
– Projector
– Remote control
– 2 x AAA battery
– Power cable
– Quick start guide
– Warranty card

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